The Berlin Insane III Interview ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on February 20, 2006

“I think the people are just bored listening to the same beat for six hours or more now, because I certainly am. I liked minimal a lot four or five years ago, but I can’t get a kick out of that anymore and I still like electro and still play it, but there has to be a change into something punky after a while; that’s the mixture which makes me freak out. I also don’t want to see some nerd performing who’s hiding behind a laptop; I want to see some action.” Emma Scandal.

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Billy Nasty has been DJing for over half of his life. Any techno fans who have yet to hear him play out have not yet lived! I recently caught his set at Party Proactive in London and he absolutely blew the place away! It’s very rare that you find a DJ with such a huge weight of experience and skills behind the decks and in every mix and tune selection he makes, you feel more and more astounded!

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DJ Pierre: It’s Never Just About the Music (interview) ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on December 12, 2005

“House music magazines only talk about the music or the culture, they don’t get involved with the people- what are they like, do they have a family? It’s too empty. It can’t grow if people don’t put a face on it.”

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Max Cooper was hailed Mixmag’s Future Hero in 2003. All eyes turned to this breaks wielding magician and his almighty decks of tricks! Did he let us down? Hell no! Not only did he go on to become a fully fledged breaks hero, but he also developed possibly one of the most unique DJing styles across any dance music genre.

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Exclusive Elite Sessions - Volume 1... Interview with the legendary DJ Sy!

Reported by Jess @ Trackitdown on September 10, 2005

Hardcore has been lurking in the clubs, illegal raves and warehouses since the whole rave scene was created. For many, being a fan of Hardcore is like a secret club; you all remember your first event, you can’t hear the words ‘whistle or horn’ without adding the pretext of ‘Blow your…’ in your head and something in your heart twangs when you see a car park attendant in a florescent yellow waistcoat!

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Sasha’s Secret Of Superstar DJ Success :: Interview

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 2, 2005

“You have to put yourself out there and you have to put the groundwork in. I’m involved in a couple of DJ agencies and I find it bizarre how quickly DJs go from being completely unknown to becoming stars. One minute they’ll be playing for free and handing out free CD’s, the next they’re demanding penthouses at the Four Seasons.”

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“It’s funny how the music media works in the UK, when it comes to Carnival, there’s hardly ever any mention of it. It’s all about hard-selling you all these other dance music festivals. But they’re not representative of the community at large. When I play some of those other festivals, I don’t see black faces or Asian faces, I don’t see a mix of people and I certainly don’t hear a mix of music. As a result I don’t really do them anymore, because I don’t enjoy them.”

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Mauro Picotto Interview

Reported by Trackitdown TID on August 2, 2004

It is often one’s first experience in a situation or in the presence of an individual that leaves a lasting imprint on one’s memory. My first interview as an “arrived” dance music journalist was just one of those experiences. The first impression of Mauro Picotto was a man with a typically Italian confidence and the simple and clear belief in what he intends achieving as a DJ and music producer and the clear message for lovers of dance music.

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Skrufff Interview :: Sasha

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 7, 2004

DJ Magazine Interview

Reported by Element-7 on June 26, 2004

DJ Magazine are publishing a feature on dance music downloads in the near future and had some questions for Nolan.

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