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Blondes Prefer Gentlemen ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 7, 2005

A new study of British women’s sexual preferences has revealed that three out of four prefer chivalrous men with ‘heroic tendencies’ ahead of lager louts and even worse, ‘self-obsessed metrosexuals’.

“Women are increasingly turned off by overly sensitive men who pay more attention to their appearance than the happiness of their partner,” relationship guru Jenni Trent told the Mirror.

The report appeared as the Sunday Times paid tribute to David Bowie’s influence in introducing metrosexuality to the British high street as far back as the early 70s, declaring ‘as a sexual trailblazer his importance can’t be exaggerated’.

“A good five years before the New Romantics, Bowie had spear-headed a fresh approach to the male psyche, “ they gushed, “After Ziggy (Stardust), young men, mainly teenagers- realised that a flamboyant appearance didn’t necessarily mean effeminacy. Perhaps more significantly, their girlfriends didn’t either,” said the Times.

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