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Tony Blair’s Bedroom Secret ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 7, 2005

Cherie Blair revealed yet more intimate details of sharing a bed with Britain’s five-times-a-night sex crazed PM Tony Blair this week, telling the Daily Mirror that her war-mongering lover has a long-term problem with snoring.

“I used to in the past- and I still do sometimes- cuddle under the blanket with my book,” Mrs Blair admitted, “reading surreptitiously as my husband snores beside me.”

Her latest indiscretion came less than six months after she boasted of making love to the Labour leader five times a night, prompting a dismayed reaction from morality conscious columnist Minette Marrin of the Sunday Times.

“There was a time in my teens when there were quite strict standards about how respectable people behaved in public. This has largely been abandoned, along with the idea of respectability itself,” Ms Marrin moaned.

“This abandonment of public mockery has been rapid. A few years ago it would have been considered unthinkably vulgar for the prime minister and his wife to canoodle in public and talk about their sex life as the Blairs do,” she snorted.

In another sign of the times, the Blair’s youngest son Euan was reported as hoping to run Britain one day, despite his already infamous reputation as an ex juvenile delinquent, underage street drinker turned Champagne Charlie.

“Euan has talked about following in his Father’s footsteps and even one day being Prime Minister,” a ‘friend’ told the Mirror. “He feels he wants to carry on the family name in office.

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