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Kashpoint Comes Back (Koko, October 15) ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 7, 2005

Arch London fashion criminal Matthew Glamorre resurfaced this week after an uncharacteristic three month silence, to announce details of a high profile Kashpoint party at London’s Koko headlined by Erasure’s Andy Bell, Tasty Tim and Princess Julia.

“We are taking over the whole venue, for 1,500 people - oh yes, the time has come to make a noise in London,” Matthew gushed, “On the press invites we sent out in June they said we will be back in Autumn/ Winter and things have certainly turned chilly. This is the beginning of a new phase in Kashpoint’s history. We are expanding for a couple of spectacular events a year as we think London needs more Balls.”

The always outspoken promoter remained bullish about the prospects of both his club and the alternative fashion scene it has help spawn though admitted his own financial circumstances remain severely straitened.

“The club has been running at a loss for almost three years, simply because we involve so many people, whether as staff, acts or DJs but that’s cool as we would never have achieved all we have without it,” he explained, “However, I needed time away from promotion, stacking shelves as a day job.” (Koko, October 15: advance tickets £8)

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