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No Disko Thank God It’s Friday (October 14) ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 14, 2005

West London electro/ house/ anything goes weekly No Disko moves from Sundays to Friday at Woodys from this weekend, expanding across all three floors of the Westbourne Park venue.

Bent, The Rev Milo Speedwagon and the Idjut Boys spin on the opening night alongside residents/[promoters Zak and Jase with future guests lined up including James Priestley and Kaiser Souzai.

Chatting to Skrufff this week, Zak and Jase stressed that No Disko’s music policy is about variety, with all three rooms mixing it up in equal measure.

“There’s a little bit of that East London electro thing going on but I’d say there’s more of that Italian vibe, quite an eccentric vibe, we’ve also started bringing in a little bit of that German techno vibe in recent month,” said Jase.

“Every DJ says the same thing but I really think it’s beyond genres these days, if a record works, then we play it, whether it’s German minimal techno or really camp 80s screaming cheese,” Zak added, “ If it works, it works.”

The pair started the club just under two years ago when each coincidentally discovered they were talking to Woodys.

“It was totally unplanned and completely random. I got approached to see if I was maybe interested in taking on a small weekly Sunday night event at this club that I’ve never heard of, in an area that I never went out in,” said Jase.

“And I happened to be talking to the venue about doing something there which I wanted to but didn’t really have the time and energy to do it totally on my own,” Zak concurred.

“Jase and I knew each other because he did the press for my Trans Europe Express Festival. So we both discovered we were talking to the same venue, and arranged to meet up. We both hardly knew each other at this point, but decided to have a go.”

From there, the duo started off hosting parties every Sunday, with mixed results for much of the first six months.

“We went through ups and downs, we had periods of several weeks in a row when it was really thin on the ground, but at the time we were only doing one little room in the club so even if we had 30 people down, it was such a small room that with the right music you could still end up with a great party,” said Jase.

Whereas in last six months it’s been packed every Sunday with around 150 people and now we can fit in 400 people. (Nodisko @ Woody's, 41-43 Woodfield Road, London W9,  8pm-3am, free before 9.30pm / then £10, Friday October 14)

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