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Genesis P’Orridge’s Psychic Revolution ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 14, 2005

Counter-culture guru Genesis P.Orridge called on artists and radicals to pool resources in order to fight the corporate takeover of rebellion this week, in a well argued polemic accusing corporations of ‘corrupting rebellion ’and neutralising dissent”.

“People seem to be hypnotized into not believing that it is possible to be potent and significant in this culture,” the Psychic TV founder told Useless magazine.

“One thing that happened in the last 20 years to those who would have become the rebels, is that they have been trained to be competitive and see each other as a threat. Trained to be very insecure. We have a lot of greed and competitive people in the art world and the music world. It is distraction from content,” he suggested.

The legendary counter-culture agent provocateur urged artists to set up independent networks of twenty or so collaborators ‘secure enough in their creativity not to be competitive with each other. . . to set an example of alternate ways of life.”

“The enemy is always hypocrisy, bigotry, violence and fear, he added, “Those who collude in those ‘thought energies’.”

P.Orridge has been relentlessly attacked by both media and political authorities throughout his 30 year career, most recently attracting scorn after he had have silicon breasts implants in 2003.

“People always want to ask us about our sex lives, especially since Genesis had his breasts,” his girlfriend Lady Jackie told the Independent, “I always tell them that we have the life of a Normal Married Couple.”

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