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Bird Flu Pandemic & Peak Oil’s Apocalyptic Threat ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 21, 2005

The much heralded arrival of bird flu in Britain could destroy day today normality leaving millions cowering in terror at home, the Daily Mirror predicted this week.

“We are worried that a new pandemic might turn out to be Force 10 on the Richter Scale of new emerging viruses on humans,” Health Protection Agency chief virology expert Maria Zambon told the tabloid.  “We are concerned it might affect the young adult population and in doing so, bring society to a halt.”

Broadsheets newspapers were slightly less alarmist, suggesting public transport and social gatherings being banned with infected victims being confined to quarantined areas at gunpoint, though the Independent’s ‘‘what to do if a pandemic strikes’ advice suggested the key tip is  ‘don’t panic’.

“Try to minimise contact with other people, get in stocks of food and water and try, as far as possible, to sit out the pandemic,” the paper suggested, “The authorities will almost certainly have closed schools and theatres, cancelled sporting fixtures and may restrict transport.”

The Sunday Times also highlighted the travel restriction aspect of a pandemic, urging those planning to head for the hills to ‘act fast’ as soon as the disease takes hold.

“Infected people, and anyone they have been in contact with, will be quarantined. the Times warned, ““The government has the power to throw up cordons round entire neighbourhoods and to police them with armed troops.”

Coincidentally the paper ran another apparently unrelated article ‘how to survive when the oil runs out’ this week predicting that oil shortages could soon reduce standards of living to ‘essentially Stone Age conditions’.

“Living without oil, if we don’t start to prepare for it, will not be like returning to the late 1700s, because we have lost the infrastructure that made 18th century life possible, “ said the Times “We have lost our basic survival skills.” (bird flu masks etc)

Jonty Skrufff