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America Issues Bali Bomb Warning ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 31, 2005

US authorities are urging Westerners to avoid all ‘non essential travel’ to Indonesia until further notice, in a highly specific warning of imminent danger in the region.

“Terrorist attacks could occur at any time and could be directed against any location, including those frequented by foreigners and identifiably American or other western facilities or businesses in Indonesia,” the new travel alert stresses, “Reports suggest attacks could include targeting individual American citizens.”

The latest warning will damage Indonesia’s already struggling tourist industry even more which is also reeling from previous bombings as well as a number of high profile drugs cases involving Australian tourists, including pot plant victim Schapelle Corby and top Australian lingerie model Michelle Leslie.

Ms Leslie has been held in harsh prison conditions since August 19 after allegedly being caught with just two ecstasy pills in her handbag by cops conducting routine spot checks in the car park outside the "Vertigo Goes To Bali" rave, and this week attended court for the first day of her trial. Under Indonesian law she faces a possible 15 year jail term, matching the sentence now being served by Schapelle Corby. Ms Leslie arrived at Denpasar District Court handcuffed to Renae Lawrence, who herself is facing death by firing squad, along with 8 other Australians, if convicted of heroin offences.

Ironically, Mixmag has just tipped Bali as one of their recommended raving destinations on a Global Clubbing Special’ in the new issue, though warned readers to ‘avoid attempting to buy drugs from the many street hawkers- most are undercover cops’.

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