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Ubersexuals Don’t Drink (Or Behave Badly) ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 31, 2005

Metrosexual males hoping to keep up with America’s new lifestyle trend of ubersexuality need to start acting ‘unashamedly masculine’ and dressing like Donald Trump, according to the latest excerpt from Marian Salzman’s new trend spotting bible ‘The Future Of Men’.

However, bad boy behaviour remains firmly off the agenda, Ms Salzman declares, suggesting ubers should spend their new browsing the Economist and New Yorker magazine and cultivating intimate friendships with men as their ‘closest confidants’.

“Ubersexuals do not give into the stereotypes that give guys a bad name,” she decrees, “Such as disrespect to women, emotional emptiness or ignorance of anything outside sports, beers and burgers.” (Observer)

Meanwhile in the UK a group of wannabe ubers are trying their own technique to tackle their crisis in masculinity, through a self-help website aimed at confused Christians.

“Church can be a very feminine place, and some guys feel emasculated,” they explain on their site,

“’Geezers for Jesus’ is a resource for men who believe it's OK to be serious about your faith and still enjoy fast cars, beer, football and curry.”

Female Domination expert Paige Harrison has also recently entered the post metrosexual trend spotting debate, launching her own campaign to popularise her own term.

“The term metrosexual has recently come to the forefront to describe the submissive male . . . I rather prefer to use a much different term; Female-Led” Ms Paige says on her website

“The term is being used more and more and I firmly believe that Female-Led is the Right Answer for the transgendered or metrosexual male who desires to experience submissive sexuality with a Woman,” she asserts. 

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