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Trailer Trash Jump After-Hours Red Light ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on October 31, 2005

600 revellers attended weekly after-hours club Red Light’s second event at the Key last Friday, prompting Trailer Trash promoter Mikki Most to declare his new night ‘an amazing success’.

“This week was even busier than the launch and all the feedback we have had from partygoers has been really positive so hopefully we can build on the success,” Mikki told Skrufff “We also had a great very mixed crowd, probably a little more gay than straight, with a nice balance; we kept out any groups of lads so the vibe was really friendly, and well more than a little trashy.”

Trailer Trash are co-promoting Red Light with Drama promoter Terry Hart and Pushca after hosting similar unlicensed after-hours affairs around Hoxton, though Mikki said too many recent events have been stopped by the police.

“We decided to move Red Light to the Key because we thought rather than constantly having to move around to avoid getting closed down we felt it would be nice to have a permanent home where we could build something up,” he said.

“It is a little bit further away for our regular crowd but to be honest, people don't mind travelling a little bit further if they know a party is going to be good and not get closed down after and hour or so. We are also looking at laying on a bus from Shoreditch up to The Key to accommodate our East End crowd.”

Mikki also implicitly agreed that Red Light’s £10 cover charge is steep, though pointed out that £6 entry flyers are available all over the West End.

“Our flyer people were giving out reduced rate flyers at Fiction, The Key itself, T Bar, Popstarz, The Cock and around old Compton St and will be every Friday night, so anyone wanting to get in cheaper is pretty well catered for,” said Mikki.

“Also if anyone wants to be put on the Trailertrash reduced guestlist then they can always email Dan at and we’ll stick their names down,” he promised. 

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