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Reported by Trackitdown TID on November 7, 2005

1: Daft Punk: Technologic (Digitalism Remix) (Virgin)

“Yes this was a single not long ago but Daft Punk are not very logical” the press release accompanying Daft Punk’s next release admits, ‘though when a remix is this good it has to be heard’ and for once, the reality lives up to the hype.

Bleepy, bumpy and funky with a super effective breakdown, the new version effortlessly outperforms all the others and was created by Zdarlight Hamburg producers Digitalism (who apparently did it entirely on spec and sent it to Daft Punk unsolicited).  The new mix comes out shortly as a digital only release and coupled with Daft Punk’s other fantastic upcoming single Human After All, means the French duo will be dominating dance floors for the rest of the year.

2: Christopher Just: I’m a Disco Dancer (John Tejada Remix) (Gigolo)

“I’m a Disco Dancer” first appeared in 1997 as the fourth release on DJ Hell’s then new label Gigolo Records and becoming an anthem on the then thriving German techno scene helped establish both Christopher Just and Gigolo itself.

8 years on, German duo MISC have been reworked it into a dirty acid drenched house track while minimal star John Tejada has transformed it a ridiculously catchy disco ditty that’s aural proof that minimal doesn’t necessarily mean dull. 

“I’m a disco dancer and a sweet romancer, oh yeah,” an American robot style sexy vocal intones, adding dance floor friendly lines like ‘hit me’ and  ‘Move Your Body, Out The Way Bitch’. Hilarious.

3: D.O.N.S. featuring Technotronic: Pump Up The Jam (Riffs & Rays Remix) (Data Recordings)

Still one of the biggest club records of the modern clubbing era, Pump Up The Jam is one of those tunes that’s never really gone away, which is no doubt why so many DJs of all colours and persuasions have been jumping on it again, with the D.O.N.S very similar remakes.

Instantly recognisable to probably everyone, the best mix is Riffs & Rays’, which, with it’s 303 acid line warbling underneath sounds strangely reminiscent of Hardfloor at their early 90s best.

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