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Nitzer Ebb To Reform (Briefly) ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on November 7, 2005

Reports on the web appeared this week suggesting legendary EBM (electronic body music) duo Nitzer Ebb are to reform next year, to play at least one live show at Leipzig’s Gothik Treffen Festival.

"It was the constant requests that we were getting to do a show that made us at least talk about the possibilities of doing these special dates. We have absolutely no plans to record new Nitzer Ebb material,” Douglas stressed on a statement posted on the band’s site this week.

“Fixmer/ McCarthy is my main project. Terence and I will play shows as normal, Nitzer Ebb is a one off special tour. It will be very limited - miss this chance to see Nitzer Ebb and you will miss out forever.”

The Chelmsford duo of Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris are increasingly recognised alongside as key pioneers of Nu Beat and techno, though split some years ago, completely severing relations with each other. More recently, Douglas teamed up with Belgium techno/ nu beat star Terrence Fixmer to produce original material as well as to perform some of the old NE classics.

“We play our own album as well as a few old Nitzer Ebb songs. If I was a fan I would be really happy just to see Douglas on stage and I’d also be really happy to hear one or two old Nitzer Ebb tracks,” Terrence told Skrufff last year. “We do one or two tracks when we play live, but we do them in a modern, different way.”

“When I met him it was like meeting a legend for me. Some people are big fans of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode, for example, well for me it was Douglas McCarthy,” he added.

“Sometimes I think life is really strange, especially when I find myself standing on stage playing an old Nitzer Ebb track with the singer of Nitzer Ebb I think ‘what is this?’

Fixmer and McCarthy are currently on a world tour, playing Brazil (Rio and Sao Paulo), Belgium and Holland in the next few weeks.

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