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Tony Blair’s Teenage Fame Fantasy ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on November 7, 2005

Fresh revelations about Tony Blair’s student days at Oxford University emerged this week, depicting Britain’s increasingly erratic PM in his youth as an image-obsessed wannabe rock star with few convictions beyond having Pop Idol style dreams of becoming a celebrity.

The portrait emerged from a series of interviews Channel 4 conducted with his childhood pals and college chums when the young Blair was known by the nickname Miranda and fronted desperate Rolling Stones copy band Ugly Rumours.

“One of the more surprising things that comes out is a picture of Tony Blair as a fame-obsessed student with no interest in politics- although he did crave the limelight,” a Channel 4 spokesperson told the Standard.

“There are also some gems, like the fact that he tamed his unruly hair with butter.”

The story emerged just three months after the Sunday Times revealed that the notoriously greasy PM’s annual blusher bill was almost double the typical cosmetics spend for most British women, reportedly due to his obsession with his image on TV.

“So much of our political information comes from TV that politicians are like movie stars now- image is everything. Blair takes it really seriously, he’s like the Tom Cruise of politics,” said Sunday Times fashion editor Claudia Croft. (Personality Disorder Test)

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