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Denver Legalises Personal Pot (in Principle) ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on November 7, 2005

Free thinking Denver citizens voted to legalise personal possession of up to one ounce of pot this week, in a significant though still largely meaningless victory against America’s War On Drugs.


Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper immediately dismissed his voters’ wishes as ‘a generational thing’ telling local newspaper the Rocky Mountain News "if that election had been 20 years ago, it would have been a very different outcome."


"The bottom line is, it doesn't change state law,” the bar-owning super-rich Mayor added, “I think it's more symbolic than anything else."


Despite the Denver electorate’s democratic wishes, smokers will still face arrest under state laws.


In more drug war news, DEA agents busted the 25-year-old son of Miami police Chief John Timoney this week after allegedly catching him trying to buy 400 pounds of marijuana from an undercover federal agent.


Sean Timoney of Philadelphia was reportedly nicked after handing over a gym bag containing US$450,000 to a plainclothes DEA narc in a Spring Valley hotel room. He remains in custody. is not now, nor has there ever been, a "War on Drugs." What there is, is a cynical program of political duplicity; the intent of which is not to prevent drug abuse (which it encourages), but to create a climate of distrust, fear, hostility, alienation, divisiveness, and violence within our society . . .’)


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