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Reported by Trackitdown TID on November 7, 2005

“The truth is that often you have no underwear left because you haven’t been able to do any washing. You have to share a really stinky toilet with about 15 other people which you can’t go and have a poo in and at night you wobble about on a coffin like bed.” (Mirror)

Alison Goldfrapp complains that touring isn’t all glamour:

“You wake up at 1pm in your bunk at the next venue, then you spend the day reading or exploring an unfamiliar city. In fact, being on tour is the one time where I get to chill out.” (Time Out)

Mylo disagrees.

“The team reasoned that beautiful women go for masculine men because they are driven by the urge to have beautiful children while their less attractive peers are more driven by the urge to find a partner who was ‘least likely to desert them’.” (Telegraph)

Dowdy women instinctively prefer wimps, say scientists at St Andrews University.

“People being inhumane and cruel to trusting, loving pets should have much stiffer sentences, not just community service. I'd give them five years, preferably on a remote Scottish island with very little to eat.”

Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay advocates tough sentences for animal abusers.

“Leicester Square at night is the resort of the worst type of women and girls consorting with men of the British and American forces. Of course the Americans are encouraged by these young sluts, many of whom should be serving in the forces. At night the square is apparently given over to vicious debauchery.” (Guardian)

Newly released files from the 2nd world war reveal details of a letter sent by Admiral Sir Edward Evans who feared Brit ‘goodtime girls’ seducing and/ or robbing randy GIs could tarnish Ango-US relations.

"Knuckleheads like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte are told what to do, and they do it, you know? It's a shame that they're disguising it under the word 'punk.' It's a bunch of fucking shit, you know?” (New York Post)

Sex Pistols original Steve Jones blasts today’s generation of fake punks.

“I hated the mentality of the people. I hated the music that was being offered and found it insulting to your intelligence and tastes. We don’t want to all act like teenage girls. We don’t all want to go to a nightclub just to take drugs or have sex.” (Guardian)

The Guardian’s obituary page celebrates the life and views of Ghetto boss and alternative gay club pioneer Simon Hobart.

“The Bush ideology is so fucking transparent: take money away from people and give it to corporations. Tax the poor and subsidize rich corporations. All of this other right-wing nonsense is just a smokescreen. The Bush administration has one goal: funnel taxpayers money to the energy and defense industries.” (

Moby steps up his campaigning against George W.

“In a 1905 experiment, a French physician called out the name of the dead man seconds after the blade fell. The eyes of the severed head opened, looked up at him, then closed again. When the doctor called out again, the same thing happened. Only on the third shout the head gave no response.” (Mirror)

French physician Dr. Beaurieux experimented with the head of the murderer Languille, guillotined at 5.30 am on 28 June, 1905 and discovered that the killer remained conscious for 25 seconds.

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