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* * The Trackitdown Diaries - 16/11/05 - By Jess * *

Reported by Jess @ Trackitdown on November 16, 2005

This week we had a great time launching the ‘recommended’ concept in the forums! The whole trackitdown team spent a little while choosing their favorite tracks and posting about them in the Trackitdown forums. We are hoping you will all join us on this and so we can start talking and downloading the tracks that are worthy of note. I discovered some great tracks – see what you can find.

Rich has been raving away in the office to K90’s ‘Red Snapper’ track. Dan has been sending his brain to another world with Xerox & Illumination - 7 Days (Etnica Remix). I have been in an electro CRAZE and can’t get enough of ‘B-Boy Philosophics’ by Mystic K. Even Nolan has been leaping Acidition by Robert Drewek.

The biggest highlight of the week was our office trip to Bangface @ Electroworkz on Friday night. This party kicked off with a bangface (excuse the pun) and left us all feeling like we had just experienced our first real ‘rave’ in years! The music spanned everything from acid house to gabba, drum and bass to freeform. The crowd were totally up for it and there was a completely electric atmosphere. Congratulations to the Bangface team, we’ll see you next time.

Bangface also inspired us to get out and talk to some new labels producing some sounds you might not have heard of so keep your eyes and ears peeled on trackitdown.

Rich and BK went out to Lashed @ Evolution in Cardiff. Also there were Lisa Lashes and Judge Jules. All in all a great event! I can also exclusively reveal that Nick Sentience has started a brand new Techno e.p. on Riot recordings!

Keep on the lookout for some new material from Sander Van Doorn plus an interview. Also an interview and releases by Billy Nasty coming soon!

Take care and remember to send us in your requests for tracks, labels and interviews.