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Skrufff Recommends ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on November 22, 2005

1: Fairmont: Gazebo (Border Community)


Evil genius James Holden continues his sinister mission to enslave unsuspecting clubbers with his latest devastatingly effective sonic weapon, delivered this time by Jake Fairley (using his nom de guerre Fairmont).


Like Holden’s other human cipher Nathan Fake, the Berlin based Canadian expat delivers a deceptively simple though scarily powerful club anthem that fits effortlessly into the melodic minimal trance bracket Fake invented for James via his two towering BC anthems Outhouse and The Sky Was Pink. A magnificent, minimal monster, watch it fly.


2: UHU: Constellation Mixes (Jupiter Family) (Gigolo records)


According to its accompanying press release, the producer behind UHU is a ‘well known house DJ from Eastern Europe’ who presumably prefers to remain anonymous, which is odd, given that Constellation Mixes is a top quality EP that’s sure to have an impact.


Depicting a futuristic dystopia where machines rule mankind, the music actually harks back to the early 80s and beyond, 2 part track Kinetic Energy striking chords with classic italodisco while Virtual Network sounding like a Doctor Who episode spliced with Front 242. The best track though is Jupiter Family, a tranced out electro stomper made exceptional by its achingly beautiful melody which is eerily reminiscent of French disco legend Cerone at his best.


Release date is November 28.


3: In Flagranti/ Freddie Mas: Teaching Children How To Swear (Codek Records)


Always interesting (non native) New Yorkers In Flagranti return with another typically eclectic set of unusual though always rocking electro-disco songs on their latest three track EP.


Packed with energy via cut up vocals, chopped guitar chords and Freddie Mas’ Shaun Ryder style vocals (on Monarchy’s Chair and the title track) all three songs are dance floor friendly if somewhat uneasy on the ear, though standout track Convolution smoothes proceedings down somewhat with its female chorus line of ‘sexy, sexy baby’.


Out now.


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