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Reported by Trackitdown TID on November 22, 2005

“It’s down to cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women.” (Sunday Times)


First World War survivor Henry Allingham reveals his secret of staying alive, aged 109 years old.




“Obviously Carl Cox, Oakey (Oakenfold), Sasha- everybody worked pretty religiously at home first for a few years before they started doing their worldwide travels. But new DJs now, before you’ve even seen them in the UK, you’ve read about them DJing in Panama.” (DJ Magazine)


Pete Tong suggests international gigs are more important than UK slots for upcoming spinners.




“After 38 years I don't won't to be part of the UK Soul/music scene anymore. I appreciate all the work and opportunities you've given me, but I'm sick and tired of working in the UK music business. I will still accept bookings and work abroad but not in the UK.” (


Brit soul legend Dr Bob Jones announces he’s retiring totally from UK clubland.




“We attach electrodes to either side of the testicles and send low currents through them. This stuns the sperm, effectively putting them to sleep for up to 10 days.” (Sunday Times)


Serbian birth control expert Dr Sava Bojovic unveils his new torture light contraception technique for men.





“I’m playing at I Love Techno in Belgium this weekend, which is ironic, seeing as I don’t love techno.” (Time Out)


Border Community uber-king Nathan Fake keeps it (too?) real.

“My client was nicknamed Diddy at the age of eight, and has used the name professionally since 1992. He is extremely concerned about the impact the other Diddy will have on his reputation here.” (Guardian)


38 year British trance producer Richard Dearlove, who had a massive Positiva signed club hit Give Me Love in 1994, is suing Puff Daddy over the rights to his name Diddy.


"I had a drink and asked my friend to pull the tooth out. I was in agony, but what else could I do?" (The Sun)


Janet Young from Wales reveals why she had a tooth extracted with pliers after failing to get an appointment with a dentist.




“I’m still very, very single and I like to play. I’m also into tropical fish but all that really means is that I like to have sex in the pond in the garden, with the fish swimming round. It’s cos’ the fish come up and suck on you.” (Mirror)


Pacha celeb percussionist/ Motley Crue drummer Tommie Lee advertises his availability.




"This is the government, right? They killed JFK. . . I'm saying that to give you a parallel that they can pretty much do whatever they want."


US hip hop icon Irving (Irv Gotti) Lorenzo accuses the FBI of fabricating their upcoming racketeering case against him, in his new  book, "Queens Reigns Supreme."




"The concentration levels of cocaine found in the Thames were similar to that in the Po." (Daily Telegraph)


Italian scientist Dr Chiabrando announces that an estimated 150,552 lines of cocaine are sniffed in London every day, nearly 16 times more than the government estimatr of 2,397 doses and similar to levels found in Italy’s River Po.



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