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* * The Trackitdown Diaries - 19/01/06 - By Jess * *

Reported by Jess @ Trackitdown on January 19, 2006

Greetings and welcome to another wonderful insight into the Trackitdown Towers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New years? The whole Trackitdown team is working full steam ahead to make 2006 the most successful year so far.

Its been an exciting few weeks as we’ve been lucky enough to have some real dance music celebs in the studios. BK has been working on a new project with none other than Judge Jules. We’ve also been hearing excellent clips and blips from Mark Sherry who came all the way down from Scotland to work with both Nick Sentience and BK. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the results of these collaborations!

Ed real just come back from playing in Rio / Sao Paulo and Curitiba in Brazil and is tanned and already looking forward to a return trip. We are ousting him through jealousy.

Cheshire Catz are working on a new electro label project with the team so expect some more great music from them and some superstar collaborators in the very near future from TID!

I’ve been lapping up the electro this week and so you’ll soon be able to read interviews with King Roc, Rogue Element and Tom Real! We are all loving Tom and the Rogue’s two hot new releases ‘He’s so hot right now’ and ‘Resistance.06

Rich has been cataloguing our forthcoming releases at a million mph so get ready for the Black Hole catalogue, new releases from Tip World as well as a whole heap of new labels to Trackitdown!

Nolan has selected his favorite three tracks of the moment for you to check out. They are:

Tom Real and Rogue Element - He's So hot right now

Valentino Kanzyani - i Pray (Let i Pray 4 U mix)

Dead Beat - Still Thinking

Right that just about wraps it out for now! Oh apart from I have to reveal how excited I am about Breakspoll, the Hard Dance awards (on the 11th Feb) and the Trance awards (launch party @ Godskitchen on the 4th Jan). The start of the year is officially awards time!