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French Men Measure Up The Most ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on January 23, 2006

Penis enlargement company Andromedical announced this week that French men are the world’s best endowed lovers, measuring 6.2 inches when aroused compared to a global average of 5.5inches.  Brit blokes performed miserably at 5.1 inches, said The Sun, though not as badly as Indians (3.9 inches) and South Koreans (who came bottom of the table at 3.7 inches).


The statistics emerged as British self-publicist Jonah Falcon claimed that his reputation for possessing ‘the world’s biggest willy’  (13.5 inches) means women typically snub him, telling the Sun ‘when I meet people they find it hard to look me in the eye’.


“They just see what’s in my trousers,” Mr Falcon complained, “I just want to find a steady girlfriend who doesn’t think I’m a freak show.”


Sex therapist author Anne Hooper suggested last July that size isn’t so important, telling the Standard “I think that if you’re absolutely brilliant with the fingers, it doesn’t matter at all, adding, ‘if you’re not brilliant, however, it could matter a lot.


Her views matched those of Washington Daily sex columnist Lara Bain who analysed data from Durex and Playboy magazines last year and discovered that 67% of women are ‘dissatisfied with their partner’s size’ as well as 96% of the men themselves.


“It's time to set the record straight. Like it or not, penis size matters to both men and women,” Ms Bain declared, “Any woman who tells you otherwise is lying, and any man probably has a small member.”


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