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Reported by Trackitdown TID on January 23, 2006

"Suffering caused by being chained will make them stay away from drugs. People criticise us for chaining them, but it's our rule to confine them for 3-6 months depending on the severity of their condition." Bangkok Post (Thailand)


Thailand drugs counsellor Muhammad Soreh Kiya explains how he rehabilitates drug users by chaining them to walls.


"We're well protected outside the home, with lots of regulations on the roads and in the workplace. But at home we take surprising risks, largely because we see our homes as a safe haven." (Daily Mirror)


Royal Society For The Prevention of Accidents spokesman Roger Vincent comments on new statistics revealing that 964 people are hospitalised annually following mishaps with cardigans while a further 493 Brits are injured by cakes and scones.


"Once I saw a rocket launcher on some 16-year-old's back. At a party. I didn't understand what the fuck that was for until I saw the armored police cars." (Village Voice)


M.I.A. partner DJ Diplo recalls being shocked by the weaponry on display at a Rio funk party,


“We like disco, we make raw music but maybe they are more crossover musicians than me. Also they deejay and I don’t. They live in Paris and I live in the countryside and I’m less difficult than they are.” (3D World)


French producer Vitalic insists he’s not the new Daft Punk.


“Legalisation is the only issue. Ministers have to decide whether they want to leave drugs trade in the hands of the organised criminals or the Government." (Daily Mirror)


Civil liberties champion Danny Kushlick of campaign group Transform criticises Government plans to keep cannabis as Class C.


“Electro-house seems remarkably unfashionable already, but at the same time it sums up a lot of the producers who came out of the arse end of electroclash who were more interested in the music than making a fashion statement.” (DJ Magazine)


Tom Mangan (from Cass & Mangan) brands electro-house ‘the new funky house’.



“We were surprised to find that, despite their love of aggressive music, rap and heavy metal fans were typically more shy than other music lovers. I am not sure they want us to know that though.” (Sunday Times)


Cambridge University psychologist Peter Rentfrow comments on a new study which suggests musical preferences are closely correlated with personalities.


“The range of dance music is 60bpm to 200bpm, which is pretty much the range of the heartbeat. After 200bpm your heart blows up. It’s like in fashion- the length of skirts varies from the microskirt to the one that trails a few metres behind you. There aren’t going to be any more innovations in skirt length” (Guardian)


Coldcut/ Ninja Tune man Matt Black says dance music has its limits.


"Fight like a man. If you can, get your hands into the gill openings on the side of the shark which are very sensitive."(BBC)


George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research and the International Shark Attack File, warns shark attack victims to never play dead.


“It’ll be like the straight Trade, basically. The DJs are all either from or connected to Ibiza, largely playing the minimal sound.”



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