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Beautiful People Battle Turns Ugly ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on January 30, 2006

Leading lifestyle commentator Paul Flynn launched a ferocious onslaught on contemporary British club culture in the Sunday Times Style section this week, in which he urged over 30 revellers to ‘stop regarding partying as a lifestyle option.’


The writer suggested ‘acid granddad’ ravers should ditch clubs for restaurants and also dismissed Vauxhall’s notoriously hedonistic gay scene (‘maniacal nightclubs are horrid, period’), celebrity DJs including Smokin Jo, Paul Oakenfold and Bez (‘puffy addled oafs’) and regular clubbers in general (for not being good looking enough).


“I recently saw a huge queue of people behind a garage in central London, waiting expectantly for a party with an emerging, quietly hip DJ and thought, in all earnestness, where did all the beautiful people go?” he mused,  “When did people who occupy nightclubs start looking so ordinary?”


30-something London club impresario Terry Hart, who co-promotes Go!zilla with Secretsundaze James Priestley and Nude with Smokin Jo’ at Ministry Of Sound, told Skrufff he (perhaps unsurprisingly) disagreed.


“After reading Mr. Flynn’s article it prompted me to raise a few questions, mainly: Where has he been going for the last 20 years? Does he still participate in a bit of socialising in between checking out queues in Central London? And is he one of these people who was never allowed entrance to the so called ‘beautiful people’ parties therefore uses his journalism to express his bitterness towards rejection?”


“Without a lot of over 30's, my good self included, clubland would not have the energy, continuous new talent and happiness that thrives from the dance floor and yesteryear trends. And the club kids of today would have nothing to copy and keep the dance floors full,” Terry added.


“My bitchy statement to Mr. Flynn is " beauty, beauty, through and through; don't you wish you had it too?"


Go!Zilla’s next party is February 4th at Sosho EC2, when James Priestley is joined by 80s electro pioneer Greg Wilson, Spektrum (live) and Ed Laliq.,,18030-1984120,00.htmlWhere did all the beautiful people go? What's happened to our nightclubs? The glamorous days of Studio 54 have spawned ageing raving carnage, says Paul Flynn. If you ain’t young and pretty, you should get off the dance floor . . .’)


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