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DTPM’s Electric Electro Revolution (Saturday February 4) ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on February 7, 2006

London Sunday night clubbing institution DTPM are exporting their brand new electro room Electric Loft to new Vauxhall biweekly club LoveRevolution, just two months after launching the concept at Fabric.


“Electric Loft was deliberately set up as a club within a club for this exact reason, so we could, if we wanted to, take it out of DTPM though I have to say, I didn't expect us to be hitting the road so soon; it's very exciting,” DTPM chief Lee Freeman told Skrufff.


“We've been overwhelmed by the response to Electric Loft so far, everyone really seems up for it,” he continued, “Equally, the feedback we've had about dishing it up in Vauxhall too has been really positive. We can't wait.”


The new Saturday night version of Electric Loft happens in room 2 of the newly revamped 2,500 capacity Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall, on the first and third Saturdays of the month, with Vanity hosting on-rotation DTPM DJs including Nick Pryce, Queen Maxine and Jonty Skrufff.


“LoveRevolution promoter Mike Bailey called me to say he was revamping the night and wanted to do an electro thing in the VIP bar at Renaissance rooms. He said he'd been to the Electric Loft @ DTPM on New Years Day and thought that was exactly the sort of thing he wanted to do in his club but didn't want to copy us,” Lee explained, “So, I suggested that we bring the Electric Loft to him. Simple as that.”


“The room itself is upstairs in the venue and it has a sloping roof; it really is like being in a loft, so it suits the space perfectly,” he added, “It won't be a VIP area though, all can come and join in.”


Tasty Tim and Russell Penn kick off proceedings for the club’s opening night on Saturday February 4.


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