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Undercover Coke Cops Target Timid Middle Classes ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on February 7, 2006

Top London cop Sir Ian Blair stepped up his war on ‘dinner-party’ cocaine users this week by announcing that smartly dressed undercover cops are conducting

‘sting operations’ intended to snare mild mannered middle class coke users who prefer to avoid buying from ‘a street dealer in Brixton’, he said.


"What we are trying to do is make people understand that when they buy from a supplier, they find they are buying from a Metropolitan Police officer,” Sir Ian told the Times, “And that is quite an upsetting experience, I understand."


The smartly dressed non-scary cops step into the shoes of suppliers they’ve already arrested and are already operating as honeytrap style coke dealers in bars and clubs around London, Sir Ian explained.


Though Sir Ian told The Times his strategy is already working, middle class snow fiends of a different persuasion appear to be undeterred by high security including sniffer dogs at Turin’s Caselle Airport where customs officials said this week that they’re being swamped by pot smoking Brits, flocking there for the upcoming Winter Olympics.


“Every Saturday and Sunday when the snow charter flights arrive from Britain, we usually catch at least two or three per plane,” a Turin customs officer told the Standard, “They are very apologetic when caught and some even cry and plead ignorance.” (‘Sign Howard Marks’ Petition: ‘I/We, the undersigned support the aim, direction, wording and over-all goal of this petition entitled 'Legalise Cannabis in the United Kingdom'.)


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