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Jorge Jaramillo: Guns, Girls and God ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on March 13, 2006

Jorge Jaramillo: Guns, Girls and God


“In Miami, everyone has a gun in their possession at the age of 15, then at 18 it becomes legal to carry one in your car glove compartment with the clip out and at 21 you get your concealed gun permit and you can carry it anywhere you want, except for Government buildings and libraries. The next thing you know, you’re carrying a gun around with you constantly like you’re in the Wild West. I’ve always owned a gun and I love them; they’re really nice.”


Chatting down the line from his Florida home, Subliminal Records rising star Jorge Jaramillo admits he’s as passionate about guns today as he was growing up in Miami in the 80s, though he’s changed his mind about needing to be permanently armed.


“It was really silly and unnecessary, because I was living in a hippy community and my school was predominantly full of Jewish white kids: it was one of those stupid things kids do, and I now know that there’s no need to carry guns around. If you’re in a shady environment, maybe, but where I live today is all farms.”


As well as remaining an unashamed gun nut (his current weapon of choice is a 9mm Sig Saeur 228 pistol) he’s also a fully fledged born again Christian who believes apocalypse is imminent, though while he waits for the coming Rapture, continues to occupy himself as a DJ and producer. He’s also just completed his first mix compilation for Erick Morillo’s Subliminal Records (Winter Sessions Volume 111) an album that’s been inspired (somewhat surprisingly given his faith) by his other main passion: women.


“The biggest issue doing the mix was finding music that would cater more for women; that’s my whole thing,” he explains.


“I’ve studied what women like as I’ve been performing and whereas other DJs might concentrate on their performance I’ve been concentrating on what pushes women’s buttons,” he admits, “And I’ve understood it’s just about vocals- they love vocals, cute vocals.”


The resulting compilation is unsurprisingly filled with vocal funky house flavoured cuts from the likes or Morillo, Jorge and others, veering towards electro tinged house cuts from Anthony Rother and Freeform 5 which he expects will go down well in Russia, he predicts.


“Believe or not my best performances and best crowds have been out in Russia, oddly enough,” says Jorge.


“I played in a club called Fabrique in Moscow recently and all the women were clustered at the front, passing me tissues because I was sweating and batting their eyelashes at me, because they couldn’t believe a lot of the music I was playing. DJs go out there with the perception that Russians like hard music, but it’s really not true. I went out there and played the Subliminal sound, the funky house with the big build-ups, and had them going crazy.”


However, despite appreciating the Russian ladies’ lashes, his first love remains his highest calling in life and it always wins out; namely his faith.


“I’ll definitely admit that when you’re trying to lead your life through Jesus Christ and you’re in those clubs, it’s very tempting, I will tell you that, but nothing ever happens,” he insists.


“Because I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve stopped smoking, I’m married and I won’t cheat on my wife. I just see it as flirting.”



Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff):You’re playing the Space Miami party at the upcoming Winter Conference, how big a deal is that event for you?


Jorge Jaramillo: “Each year it becomes a bigger deal. I grew up in Miami and we used to watch the guys from New York and around the world coming out, when I say we I mean me and my friends. At the time we were waiting to take on the girls that came to Miami on vacation, so we didn’t care about the music at all, but now that I’m older and married and settled down, it’s all about the music. Each winter conference I get prepared for it, by having a song or two for Erick (Morillo) to play during his sets and for the Subliminal guy to go out and get some licensing deals and it becomes more of a business event that’s important for my life in financial terms and for job security. When I’m asked to play at Space I know that if I play there and give it my best I’ll get four or five high profile gigs from there, because a lot of the worldwide club owners and promoters are there.”


Skrufff: When you’re doing a key gig like that, what sort of extra preparation are you doing?


Jorge Jaramillo: “For all my gigs I do the same preparation, whether it’s for a small crowd or an important gig only because at the beginning of my career, when I was Who Da Funk I would mainly play for myself, I had no idea that you had to play for the people that paid. I thought a DJ would go there and play what he plays and if the people liked it they did, and if they didn’t, whatever, but as I watched Erick in Pacha I realised that he would play for the people, ie he would read the crowd. The way that he manipulated a crowd really stuck in my head so I realised it’s important to prepare the same for any gig. Every week I spend two or three days preparing, generally, working out different sets, such as an extremely happy set and another than starts happy then ends up dark. For the WMC I know I have to play new stuff but not music that’s too experimental, especially for people who want to hear Subliminal DJs.”


Skrufff: When you grew up in Miami, what sort of environment did you live in?


Jorge Jaramillo: “I lived in a small town by North Miami Beach about a 25 minute drive from Miami. It was a hippy environment and I’d walk into my friend’s homes when we were eight or nine and their parents would be smoking pot, sitting naked on the couch; that was normal for us back in the 70s. I thought it was funny. One time I went to my friend’s house and discovered his Mom cutting the grass naked, butt naked. It was crazy, There’s be these fish bowl jars filled with Qualludes and I’d be like ‘what’s that’ and my friends would be like ‘that’s a Quallude, my momma takes them’. My parents were totally not hippies, that’s just where they bought a home. It was fun, I would never change my childhood.”


Skrufff: David Morales got shot growing up in Brooklyn and Hector Romero chatted to us recently about seeing someone shot in the head in the Bronx, was there much of a gang culture in Miami where you grew up?


Jorge Jaramillo: “Miami has a big gang culture and I was stuck in it a bit, not because I was in a gang but a lot my friends were. When we’d go out to the clubs we’d hang out with the gang members, we wouldn’t be part of what they were doing but we’d be with them. When you’re a teenager you don’t really realise the risks you’re taking just by being around those people and looking back, I think hanging around with them took a lot from my life; a lot of productivity. I could have been studying, hitting the books and seriously getting into the music but instead I’d be driving around with these clowns.”


Skrufff: When you were hanging out with gangbangers did you have any one shoot at you?


Jorge Jaramillo: “There weren’t many shoot-outs in our area at that time, you know that cliché where old folk will say ‘in my day it was fists’, well that’s how it was, mainly. We had the guns but we were either too chicken or too smart to pull them out and actually start shooting at people. Seven or eight years later, after I’d moved to Jersey, I went back and ran into some of my old friends and they told me about two or three of the guys, not friends, but acquaintances, who had been shot so it obviously escalated.”


Skrufff: Your biog concludes by saying ‘Read Matthew 24 and prepare for Jesus Christ; are you evangelical, do you have an apocalyptic vision of the future?


Jorge Jaramillo: “Absolutely, man, I believe that I’m still alive because of Jesus Christ, I’m still alive because I pray to God. I’ve been through some stupid stuff in my past, not like the Bloods and the Crips but stupid situations where my life was in danger, but I’m still here and I’m blessed and I’m gifted. I found salvation some time ago and God has helped me to balance my life out.


I always watch this gentleman by the name of Dr Jack Van Impe on TV and he preaches the second coming of Christ which is in the bible, in Revelations in Matthew Chapter 24 and he preaches to be prepared for His return and to watch for the signs. The one that really got me was the sign of the European Union. Soon it will be the super-power of the world and out of the European Union will come the anti-christ that will proclaim himself as God. They’re going to try and unify the world’s religions to make one world religion and right now what we’re seeing is that in the last days, and Jesus said this himself, that his name will be mocked and many believers will stray away from the faith and will themselves ridicule Jesus.”


Skrufff: Who’s ridiculing Jesus?


Jorge Jaramillo: “We see it with the Da Vinci Code; Tom Hanks is starring in the movie version and basically they’re making Jesus look like a regular person that came down to Earth, had sex and had kids, it’s crazy. It’s all in the Bible: ‘many will come against me, there will be false prophets deceiving millions’. It also says in the Bible that nations will come against Israel and will want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and today you have this ruler in Iran saying ‘this is what we’re going to do’ that shows we’re definitely in the last days. I’m not talking two or three days exactly but soon.”


Skrufff: Are you looking forward to the Tribulation?


Jorge Jaramillo: “I won’t be around, because we get Raptured. It’s only the people that get left behind that go through the seven year Tribulation. One thing that’s going to happen is that there will be a peace treaty where Israel will be left alone but it’s all a hoax, it’s all bogus. Because three and a half years after that Russia will come against Israel and then China will. There’s a lot of stuff to look out for.”


Skrufff: Are you actively preparing for end time?”


 Jorge Jaramillo: “What I do is pray and ask for forgiveness and I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and I tell him that I want to be with him- that’s what I do.”


Skrufff: Did you go through a crisis or revelation that made you start thinking like this?


Jorge Jaramillo: “You definitely have to go through something to find Jesus.”


Skrufff: What was it for you?


Jorge Jaramillo: “Just being stupid, doing drugs, hanging out with gangs, getting into trouble, not listening to my parents, being rebellious. Then one day you find yourself alone with those people that you thought were friends, but they move on or use you, whatever. After you’ve done all your dirt you end up coming back to your family, well I came running back to my family and I came running back to God because at that time one of my friend’s mothers was preaching, I sat down and what she said sunk in, and I went to Church and I got saved.


What makes it really difficult is that we’re in this world and this world is governed by Satan, it’s very easy to fall back to your old ways. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sinned, how many times I’ve come back to the world and forgotten God, but he’s always there for you. Even recently, like two months ago, I got saved again, I was watching Dr Van Impe on the television again and he reminded me of the relationship I needed with Jesus Christ. It’s always been there but I’ve always left the faith to go back into the world to do the drinking and the smoking, whatever. Then two months ago I was looking around about everything in my career and I thought ‘I can’t keep forgetting God’.”


Winter Sessions Volume 111 mixed by Jorge Jaramillo is out shortly on Subliminal Records. (Sig Sauer 228 handguns, ‘This compact 9mm has been issued to various federal agencies, and its reliability is second to none. Unfortunately, Sig Sauer has discontinued the production on the 228 model, and this will be our last batch of these amazing guns and there is limited availability. Fitted with factory night sights. This may be the last chance for all Sig Sauer fans to get the 228 new in box . . .’ $799)


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