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Arthur Baker- Coke Users ARE Utter Wankers ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on March 28, 2006

Legendary New York electro pioneer Arthur Baker branded steady coke users ‘boring’ this week and told Skrufff he fully agrees with Felix from Basement Jaxx’ view that the cocaine is 'a wanker's drug’.


“I’d love to get into your cocaine debate,” said Arthur, “Being an ex cocaine addict who’s stayed clean for 19 years except for one night out at the halfway point, I’m definitely on Felix’s side on this one. I think most people on coke act like utter wankers- from the ‘in crowd’ nature of the act of doing the drug, to the lies and bullshit people talk on it.”


Arthur was responding to Tim Sheridan’s comments last week that cocaine can at least pacify heavy drinkers, a point Arthur was unimpressed with.


“As much as I love Tim, I think coke just allows people to drink more than they could without it, meaning they really get even more leglessly pissed,” he said. “Maybe there are less fights, I don’t’ know, but let me ask you one question- has anything constructive ever come out of a cocaine high other then making scum dealers rich?”


Arthur went on to admit that when he first starting using the drug he’d have dismissed somebody saying the same things, for being judgemental ‘but by the end I’d have agreed’.


“Listen, people talk shit when they are on coke, as they talk shit while they’re on alcohol or E (ecstasy) he said, “But then again, some people can be cooler then others on it, I guess. But you can definitely generalize about steady cocaine users.”


He also revealed that he only managed to quit when he discovered rehabilitation clinics cost $10,000 a week and realised he’d have to go cold turkey and do it by himself.


“I actually stopped for a week or so after checking out the clinic, then New
Order hit New York, I went out and I was high again, only the time off made me more sensitive and paranoid that night, so when I got home I made one of those
mad vows that if I made it through the night, I’d be done with it,” he recalled.



“The next morning, I threw out the remaining cocaine, and started a fast that lasted 25 days, of just liquid and protein drinks under doctor’s supervision.”


“Fasting actually got me higher then cocaine ever did, and it worked in curing my problem. I then went out with my friends to the same places and drank water while they were getting high; just to test myself. And eventually, my coke friends started boring me and I stopped associating with them on a regular basis,” he added. (Arthur Baker has a new single out on Monday (March 27) featuring Tim Wheeler of Ash called Glow, on Underwater Records.)



Arthur Baker’s 5 Warning Signs Of (His) Cocaine Addiction:


1: “When the act of getting high stopped being fun and made me feel bad, yet I continued doing it.”


 2: “When I started doing it on my own, as opposed to as part of a group thing- i.e. I started hording my drugs and getting high behind a locked door in my studio on my own.”


3: “When I saved a bit at the end of the night, so I could have a few lines on waking up.”


 4: “When I started getting circular patches of areas on my face where my beard wouldn’t grow”.

5: “When sex stopped, because of difficulty getting aroused”.



Cocaine Addiction Links: (Cocaine & Alcohol: ‘Added Danger: Cocaethylene When people mix cocaine and alcohol consumption, they are compounding the danger each drug poses and unknowingly forming a complex chemical experiment within their bodies. NIDA-funded researchers have found that the human liver combines cocaine and alcohol and manufactures a third substance, cocaethylene, that intensifies cocaine's euphoric effects, while possibly increasing the risk of sudden death . . .’) (Cocaine and Colostomy bags: ‘Stomach symptoms seen in cocaine users include abdominal pain and tenderness, nausea, vomiting, nausea and bloody diarrhoea. These can occur up to 48 hours after taking the drug . . .’) (Self test for cocaine addiction)


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