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UK Al Qaida Bombers Planned To Slaughter ‘Slag Clubbers’ ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on March 28, 2006

Seven British men appeared in court this week accused of plotting Al Qaida style bomb attacks in the UK which chief prosecutor David Walkers QC said included blowing up clubbers in the heart of London.


"(Defendant) Jawad Akbar referred to attacks upon the utilities, gas, water or electrical supplies. Alternatively, a big nightclub in central London might be a target,” Mr Waters told the Old Bailey, “Mr Akbar said: ‘The biggest nightclub in central London, no one can put their hands up and say they are innocent - those slags dancing around,’ the prosecutor claimed. (BBC)


The seven accused conspirators (all of whom are pleading not guilty) were detained in March 2004  when police seized a quantity of remote control detonators and 600kg of ammonium nitrate fertiliser, which the cops suggested were just about to be manufactured into bombs (several of the defendant allegedly received explosives training in Pakistan).


The prosecutor’s allegations struck a chilling chord with comments made by Chief Superintendent Bill Tillbrook in January 2005, who told intelligence bible Janes Magazine that cops were so worried about London clubs being attacked that they’ve placed undercover teams inside several ‘leading venues’.


“If you have 2,000 ‘decadent’ Western youngsters in a dance club on a Saturday night; drinking, drugs and sex are all in there,” the Chief Superintendent told Janes, “If some sort of organisation wants to target a location, what better place to put a bomb?”



Terrorist Links: (‘In a building explosion, get out of the building as quickly and calmly as possible. If items are falling off of bookshelves or from the ceiling, get under a sturdy table or desk .If there is a fire. Stay low to the floor and exit the building as quickly as possible. Cover nose and mouth with a wet cloth . . .’) (FBI Safety Tips: ‘If you are in the area of an explosion you should:1. Take cover behind a substantial object to decrease the chance of being hit by flying debris. Make sure to stay clear of glass windows which may be above you, since they could become a source of dangerous secondary debris. If cover is not available lay flat on the ground. 2. Try to stay away from vehicles in the immediate area of the blast. Terrorists have been known to detonate secondary explosions in vehicles in order to increase the number of injuries . . .’) (Classic shoot terrorists game)



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