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Reported by Trackitdown TID on April 10, 2006

1: Sharon Phillips: Want 2/ Need 2  (Switch Remix) (Brickhouse)


Already a massive tune last year courtesy of Trentemoller’s mix, Want 2/ Need 2 looks certain to become even bigger, courtesy of Switch’s amazingly powerful hip- house electro mix.


Monstrously energetic and instantly fresh, it’s also got several fantastic breakdowns for maximum dance floor effect, and a hooky insistent hip hop electro vocal that compliments and engages with devastating effect. A killer.


2: Sebastian Leger: Take Your Pills (remixes) (Black Jack)


Though he’s recruited Zoo Brazil and Lifelike to remix is acid-electro smash Take Your Pills, Sebastian Leger’s own new version is the best, staying broadly true to the fantastic original but adding a certain something that gives it that welcome new lease of life.


The ‘certain something’ is principally energy, courtesy of extra synth sounds and a more pumping bassline and the overall effect is, in his words ‘plain almost minimal’. That’s not to say it’s dull (at all), instead it’s fair to say it’s rocking. Another proper rave track.


3: (Album Of The Week): The Other Side (New York): Fischerspooner


Perhaps inevitably Fischerspooner continue to be overshadowed by the hype that accompanied their launch, though in the meantime, they’ve succeeded in establishing themselves as both a serious band and serious tastemakers, making them the perfect choice for Time Out Magazine’s CD guide to New York.


The CD artwork itself includes a FS endorsed bar, hotel, shop, restaurant guide with handy New York grid map attached plus a CD, though musically it’s where the comp excels. Princess Superstar (Coochie Coo) and David Caretta (Vicious Games) rub shoulders with FS themselves (the Hacker’s mix of Emerge) plus stand out tracks Plastique De Reve’s Rodeo Mechanique and Laurie Anderson’s 8 minute 80s epic Oh Superman. (To hear these tunes, tune into the Skrufff Show on Ministry Of Sound Radio, every Tuesday from 18.00-20.00 GMT +1)


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