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Florida Crime Hub Snubs ‘Too Risky’ London ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on April 10, 2006

An American school chief from crime ravaged US holiday resort Fort Myers sparked an international incident this week, when he refused to allow a local high school marching band from taking part in a London Festival over terrorist concerns.


"What happens if kids get on a train that blows up?” Herb Wiseman, high school consultant for Lee County, Florida, told the Fort Myers News-Press, “We don't have trains blowing up in America.”


His comments prompted Florida governor Jeb Bush to warn of a backlash from offended Brits, which arrived almost immediately in the form of a no holds barred press release from the parade organisers highlighting the Florida town’s far scarier perils.


"Anyone thinking of travelling to Fort Myers and weighing risk factors with those of London might like to consider the following,” a press release issued by Kirbham Monohan Publicity suggested; “You are three times as likely to be the victim of rape or violent crime in Fort Myers than in London, Fort Myers suffers more than double the crime rate per hundred thousand people than the US national average’ and “The entire area is prone to catastrophic hurricanes and other severe weather."


In more bad news for Florida’s tourist industry, New York drag queen tastemaker Lady Bunny told Skrufff she’d adored Barbara Tucker’s gig at the Defected Party at the Winter Music Conference last week, though been otherwise seriously unimpressed.


“I'm not sure I'll ever go again, it's too expensive and overlaps with the hateful thug/youth culture of the moronic Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan wannabes of Spring Break,” Bunny told Skrufff.


“And the most obnoxious people there? New Yorkers! It's awful when you are repulsed by youth, who should be attractive if anyone should,” she complained. (Lady Bunny DVD trailer)



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