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IQ Expert Claims Brits More Brainy Than French ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on April 10, 2006

UK intelligence analyst Professor Richard Lynn sparked yet more controversy this week when he published a new study suggesting that the average Brit’s IQ level is 6 points higher than for a French person (100 compared to 94).


The University of Ulster researcher previously achieved notoriety when he published a similar study last year which claimed that men are more intelligent than women by 5 IQ points though his latest findings were dismissed by French producer Scan X (aka Stehane Dri).


“I've heard of this Professor Lynn, because he also claimed that the facts Brits were achieving high IQ scores was the reason you Brits won so many wars in the past,” said Stephane,


“Though before we go any further I think we need to know the Professor’s IQ, his theories to me suggest we might be surprised. Though I've always been very sceptical with those IQ tests anyway because they only measure a person’s ability to solve a problem; they don’t reveal your ability to create something or a person’s sense of humour,” he said.


The F Com tech/ house producer conceded, however, that he’s noticed Brits are certainly cleverer in terms of the UK’s top national pastime- binge drinking.


“In British pubs you have a big bell to signal last orders, that’s really clever, “ he said, “Whereas in French restaurants we’re not imaginative enough to call last orders if people want to continue to drink.”


Stephane’s views struck a chord with comments David Guetta made in a revealing interview about his close but unconventional friendship with fellow mainstream DJ Pete Tong, speaking to the Independent last year.


“The only thing I don’t get- and this is about the English in general- is how much he drinks. It’s crazy!” David declared,  “He’s probably going to hate me for this but when we play, if I drink half of what he does, I’m dead. But every English person I know is like that.”


French artist in London Dimitri from Trash Palace also identified key cultural differences between French and English people in a revealing chat with Skrufff in 2004, when he suggested British people’s repression led to increased opportunities for kinky sex.


"Sex is more diverse here and more pretentious in Paris, there are a lot more taboos in England which makes it a lot better because it makes everything a bit more perverse, so more interesting,” said Dimitri,


“In France, people are more upfront; there is less perversion in France. I think perversion is more a part of the English culture." ENGLISH VICE: Beating, Sex and Shame in Victorian Britain and After . . .’) (Legendary film director John Waters, interviewed by Wolfgang Tillmans: ‘But you knew about sploshing? That’s an English perversion; the erotic urge to throw food in your loved one’s crotch. I don’t get it. I bet sploshing is a really healthy fetish. It’s safe: you can’t get AIDS from sitting on a pie. I wish I did like sploshing. The best sploshing magazine is from London . . .’) am over 18 years of age and want to enter a world of custard pie comedy, horny women rubbing goo into their gussets and beautiful clothing ruined and ripped to shreds, hosted by a hot harlot called Hayley. The site contains nudity, swearing and elbows on the table . . .’)



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