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Speed Affects Men ‘Three Times More Than Women’ ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on April 24, 2006

A US study on how much dopamine amphetamines produce has revealed that men’s brain’s produce three times as much as women, prompting scientists to suggest that the link could explain why men use more drugs.


"This plays into the alpha male stereotype,” Drugscope chief Harry Shapiro told the Guardian.


“It's possible this explains that men respond better to something that makes them feel strong and powerful."


The scientists’ findings emerged just two months after another US study revealed that women are six times more sensitive to loud noises, according to a report in Esquire Magazine. Researchers in the study examined correlations between noisy areas and heart attacks and discovered that men experiencing ‘prolonged exposure to noise in the 65-75 decibel range- just louder than conversation- were 50% more like to have an attack. Women spending time in the same circumstances were discovered to be 300% more at risk.


In more battle of the sexes news, Scotland’s Sunday Herald published an illuminating report on London’s latest clubbing craze, naked clubbing at new biweekly club Starkers! In London Bridge.


Full nudity (apart from shoes and socks) is compulsory, the Scottish newspaper revealed, though women at the pan-sexual all-sorts-welcome night ‘are, inevitably, outnumbered by the men.’


The club's FAQ question page on their website also has a number of questions clearly intended only for males including ‘What happens if I get an erection?’


"No-one will mind and you will not be told off, criticised or asked to leave",

Starkers stress. "In fact, nothing will happen at all as nobody will take any notice. It is just one of those things that happen. Getting an erection is perfectly natural.” (“Of course, there are body issues with nudity, but in reality, there are few supermodels in the clubbing scene. Remember: you only live once . . !”)



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