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S&M Castrators Face 33 Years In Jail ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on April 24, 2006

Three American men who advertised castration services were languishing in jail this week after cops raided their North Carolina dungeon, and discovered bloody scalpels, artificial testicles and reportedly real human testicles in a freezer, plus a DVD of an operation.


Richard Sciara, 61, Danny Reeves, 49 and Michael Mendez, 60, lived together practising master/ slave sexual relationships, advertising for more slaves via hardcore BDSM website The prisoners admitted castrating at least six men over the last year, despite being unlicensed as doctors, though excused their behavour on the grounds that they ‘patients’ had been willing. They now face 10 felony counts with 3 year, 3 month jail terms each, for crimes including ‘conspiracy to commit castration without malice’.


Prosecuting District Attorney Michael Bonfoey told Court TV he felt ‘surprise and disbelief and disgust’, adding "Assuming that the victims consented to this -- and we don't know that for sure yet -- that doesn't make it a defence. We can't have people who are not medical doctors lopping off limbs and other body parts."


Castration Complex Links:  (‘Freud argued that all fetishism is essentially a way of compensating for male castration anxiety; the shoe or glove stands in for the all-powerful phallus, and is a kind of magical talisman against its loss . . .’),,8123-2122244,00.html (Freud believed that the roots of fetishism lay in male castration fears — male fetishists were obsessed by panties because they hid a woman’s lack of penis, a fate they feared . . .’) (Rubber boots)


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