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Reported by Trackitdown TID on April 24, 2006

“For a woman, a wax is necessary. It makes everything smoother and more attainable. It makes room for all the advances I make when I’m going to please her.” (Guardian)


P Diddy insists ladies should remove all pubic hair.

"He was convinced that he wanted it and that he would live on within him. His motivation was not to kill." (Reuters)


German ‘sex expert ‘ Klaus Beier tells a court cannibal killer Armin Meiwes is ‘an affable, self-confident and positive man’ who only killed and ate willing victim Bernd-Juergen Brandes out of politeness.

“It’s just too minimal! I was in Phonica the other day and it was just so depressing. How minimal can you make it, because there’s not actually anything to hook me into buying this record.” (One Week to Live)


How To DJ (Properly) author/ veteran house DJ Bill Brewster admits he doesn’t like minimal.

“You must be really into drugs to dig into it for so long, because the tracks are very long and the DJs like to play long too.” (One Week to Live)


Electroclash turned techno diva Miss Kittin admits she doesn’t like minimal either.

"They hope to find support for the litigation through national groups or other organizations who have fought similar battles. They remain strong in their position that their constitutional rights were violated by the sheriff and his deputies." (The Salt Lake Tribune)


Brian Barnard, lawyer for brave Utah party promoter Brandon Fullmer has temporarily withdrawn his complaint against the Utah police following the sheriff’s terrifying brutal raid on his fully licensed dance party last summer.


It's still going to have that gangster vibe to it, but it's a musical journey. It's going to feel good." (MTV)


Puff Daddy (again) admits his new album will include elements of ‘electroclash, techno, hip-hop, soul, and pop’.

"People come to Brixton to have fun and enjoy the nightlife, they do not want to come to clubs where they are being peddled drugs." (BBC)


John Roberts, the Metropolitan Police Authority's lead member for Lambeth, speaking after 200 police raided the Fridge last weekend, during a ‘Polysexual’’ event.

"We all think we are rational beings, but our research suggests... that people with high testosterone levels are very vulnerable to sexual cues. If there are no cues around, they behave normally, but if they see sexual images they become impulsive.” (Guardian)


The more testosterone a man has, the worse his decision making ability becomes when he glimpses a sexy woman, a new survey claims.


"Mixmag is now a magazine for the entire world of dance music, whether you like hard boshing music that's quite druggy, or chill out music, or you're someone like me who likes to keep in touch with the music but has grown out of clubbing.”


Mixmag’s new Development Hell publisher Andrew Harrison on repositioning Mixmag from EMAP’s previous ‘Daily Star for the dance generation’.


“If you’re dating from the age of 40-plus, you have relatively better satisfaction than those who are married.” (Archives of Sexual Behaviour/ Guardian)


US sociology professor Edward Laumann says a new global study  on sexual behaviour indicates that divorced people are more likely to have full sex lives than married couples.


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