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Alcohol More Deadly Than Ecstasy-Official ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on May 18, 2006

UK government adviser Professor David Nutt warned this week that alcohol causes up to two thousand time more fatalities a year than ecstasy and called for drug classifications to be reconsidered.


“Why is ecstasy illegal when alcohol, a considerably more harmful drug, is not,” the Professor said in leading scientific magazine Physcopharmacology, “When we consider that the possession of a drug that is less dangerous than alcohol can lead to a seven year prison sentence, whereas alcohol use is actively promoted, perhaps David Cameron did not go far enough.”


Professor Nutt was referring to Conservative leader David Cameron’s recent suggestion that ecstasy shouldn’t be Class A and made his comments some two years after describing E as ‘unquestionably non addictive’ and ‘relatively safe in the short term’. The top scientist referred to statistics showing ecstasy can be linked to 10 premature deaths a year compared to 22,000 (thousand) attributed to alcohol, touching on a topic the Guardian suggested in 2004 was virtually taboo.


“In fact, though the authorities prefer not to make the comparison, roughly 20 deaths a year ranks ecstasy alongside electric blankets in a list of Britain’s biggest killers,” said the Guardian.


Professor Nutt’s bold suggestions came as Karen Tandy, the head of America’s notorious secret police force the DEA, told a conference in Canada that ecstasy and crystal meth are becoming bigger problems in their eyes than heroin and cocaine.


"Methamphetamine trafficking and the movement of its precursor chemicals are an increasing global threat," Ms Tandy told the conference. "More than 26 million people worldwide use amphetamines – largely methamphetamines," she added (BBC) American Gestapo- Our State and Federal Agencies . .’US laws: If you eavesdrop on a neighbour’s cordless phone conversation and then gossip about what you heard, you could get FIVE YEARS in jail. 18 U.S.C. 2511 . . .’)


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