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Germany Crawling With Middle Class Cannibals ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on May 18, 2006

German cannibal killer Armin Meiwes was sentenced to life in prison this week, after prosecutors successfully appealed against his 8 year sentence for manslaughter, after he admitted killing and eating willing victim Bernd-Jurgen Brand.


During the case, Federal investigator Wilfried Fehl revealed he’d uncovered a ‘vast cannibal scene in Germany involving a number of professionals’ which the Sunday Times said earlier this year amounted to up to 10,000 people ‘actively fantasising about eating humans or being eaten’.


"We are talking about dentists, teachers, cooks, government officials and handymen," the detective told the court, “These are people who come from the middle reaches of society.”


Pale Music chief Steve Morell and his partner Emma told Skrufff recently they were surprised about the numbers, declaring ‘we thought it’s way more than that.”


“We reckon around two or three million Germans could be dreaming about human flesh and for sure there must be hundreds out there who still eat human flesh or love to be eaten.”


Steve, who admitted researching the history of ‘Menschenfresser’ (cannibals) through his interest in serial killers, pointed out that Germany’s previously best-known cannibal killer Fritz Haarmann (aka the ‘Vampire of Hanover’) killed scores of gay men in the 1920s, using his butcher’s skills to dispose of his victims.


“During his court hearing Haarmann confessed to the murder of 24 young men although the number was probably higher,” Steve told Skrufff, “And the rumour was that he converted the corpses into sausages and sold them in his butcher's shop although it was never proven. Hundreds or thousands of people were eating his sausage every day and they didn’t even know it.”


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mann-german-vampire.htm (‘At the end of World War One, Haarmann, then aged 39, emerged from a five- year jail sentence for theft and returned to his home town of Hanover to try to scrape together a living in the chaos of post-war Germany. The business he chose was as a purveyor of meats, pies and second-hand clothes in a poor area of the city. He prospered because of the cheap and simple source of his raw materials . . . murdered young men and boys . . .’)



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