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Reported by Trackitdown TID on May 18, 2006

“Now you can play mellower without emptying a room, actually because it is trendy to play mellower.” (One Week To Live)


Techno diva Misstress Barbara admits she’s relieved about being able to playing slower music than the hard techno she’s best known for.

“If a person tries to infect others with their homosexuality, the state must intervene in this violation of freedom.” (Newsweek/ Guardian)


Polish Prime Minister Lech MarcinKeiwizc, outlining his Law & Justice Party’s anti-gay stance last year.

Invertebrates support the whole ecosystem by being at the bottom of the food chain. If something goes wrong at the bottom, there’s a risk it could be serious for other species higher up.” (Guardian)(


Marine biology expert Bill Langston warns that the discovery that up to 60% of British clams are changing sex could have dire implications for human sexuality.

“There was fur flying everywhere. It was a really ferocious little fight .At first Pete seemed quite calm when Michael arrived with another man. But just as he was going to leave he suddenly went wild.” (The Sun)


Eye-witnesses at London club the Ghetto describe Dead Or Alive/ reality TV star Pete Burns allegedly attacking his now ex boyfriend Michael Simpson in a jealous rage (Burn was subsequently remanded to Wandsworth Prison).


“That could be a problem if someone was carrying lots of honey.”


Stephen James, the Inscentinel director behind a new system using bees to detect drugs and explosives, admits even bees highly trained in counter-explosives are not always 100% infallible.


“There was a war going on only five or six years ago and today there are people from Kosovo coming to the festival, from Bosnia, from Croatia. I see it as our mission- total pacification of the region.” (DJ Magazine)


Exit Festival Bojan Voskovic outlines the philosophy behind Serbia’s upcoming 4 night event (headlined by the Pet Shop Boys, Kelis and Franz Ferdinand).

“It was really weird being in England and going on the tube and there are posters of you and people want your autograph. It doesn’t really suit me, I don’t know if I’m more introspective and I just want to be the man in the corner looking round than the guy at the front being looked at.” (One Week To Live)


Josh Wink admits he hated the fame his crossovee hit Higher States Of Consciousness brought him.

“James hates most of the dance music scene. I don’t really know much about it. You get the odd bit of feedback from DJs who I guess are quite famous but I don’t really know much about them.” (3D World)


Nathan Fake admits he empathises with Border Community chief James Holden’s distaste for mainstream club culture.

"It's one of the rare cases ... but they did it (the operation) last week and it went smoothly. The hospital has done this kind of operation before, but only after people had car accidents."


Saudi surgeons announce they’ve successfully re-attached a man’s penis after his maid attacked him with a knife after he tried to sexually assault her (while hhis wife slept).


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