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Chicago Gang-Bangers Network In Iraq ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on May 22, 2006

Hundreds of active gang members are serving in the US forces, the Chicago Sun Times reported this week, with some committing crimes including robbery, murder and drug deals.


The newspaper said soldiers who’ve remained affiliated to black street gang the Gangster Disciples have also been responsible for gang graffiti on installations and weaponry in Iraq, and remain active, also in the US.


"Large gangs like the Gangster Disciples have the ability to negotiate with Mexican cartels to bring drugs over the border," Chicago Police Lieutenant Robert Stasch told the Sun Times.


"What's to say Gangster Disciple members in Iraq aren't over there for the sole purpose of making friendships with large drug organizations?” he speculated.


The infamous street gang also played a peripheral role in the career of pioneer house hero Lil Louis who made his DJ debut at a gang meeting convened by his mother in Chicago in 1974, aimed at reducing violence between warring local factions.


The French Kiss producer got his chance after the original DJ suffered an epileptic seizure and was forced to start spinning before a crowd of increasingly fractious Black Gangsters, Vice Lord and Latin Kings, his official biography recalls.


“Louis then found himself (at the tender age of twelve) behind the deck (as per his mother's, make that command). With only one turntable and an increasingly violent crowd,” the biog says, “Louis created a calm in all the madness by playing Kool & The Gang's ‘Funky Stuff’.”


Fellow house producer DJ Sneak also had to DJ for gang members when he started his professional career in Chicago in 1986, spinning at weddings, which would frequently explode in violence.


“More often than not I’d play for forty bucks and a dime bag of weed ($10 bag),” Sneak told Skrufff last month, “The parties were full of gang bangers and hoochie mamas (street girls). We’d try to keep them interested before somebody took out a gun and started shooting, which happened. That’s how I started DJing.”



Gangster Disciple Links: History of the Gangster Disciples-In Their Own Words:  In essence, we became a threat to the status quo of inner-city politics and the powers that be. (Then) Mysteriously, all major street organizations had drugs made readily available to them for mass distribution throughout the black community . . .’) (‘Graffiti Identifiers -Black Gangster Disciple Nation . . .’) (Chicago projects)


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