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Brit Backpacker Gets 10 Years For Pot ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on July 17, 2006

Daisy Angus, 26, was sentenced to 10 years in an Indian hell-hole jail this week after being found guilty of trying to smuggle 10kg of cannabis out of the country through Mumbai Airport four years ago.


The former gym instructor, who’s been locked up ever since customs officials found the cannabis in her suitcase, claimed her Israeli boyfriend had used her as an unwitting mule and told the Judge when sentenced "I have already served almost four years in jail for a crime I did not commit. This false case against me killed my father and my grandmother."


Her father died of leukaemia last December 3 years after being tragically quoted in a British newspaper as saying that his daughter was aware there was ‘something in her luggage’. Though Daisy later retracted the statement, prisoners’ rights organisation Fair Trials Abroad withdrew their support leaving prisoners’ charity Foreign Prisoners Support Services (FPSS) to help. The British press also reported in 2003 that Daisy’s father was complaining she’d been repeatedly raped by lesbians in prison, though those allegations were also said to be untrue by her mother soon after.


“Daisy's Mother reports that Daisy is fine and has never being abused in anyway as reported in the media,” FPSS said in an update in September. “She has been very brave throughout this ordeal, has learnt Hindi and is teaching English to the other women and children in her cell. Daisy has made a few campaigns to improve the jail's conditions and is a great help to those around her. She is a remarkable woman and has done her best in a very bad situation.”


Daisy’s Israeli boyfriend was freed for ‘lack of evidence’.


In more India drug news Goa’s top cop Neeraj Kumar, Director General of Police (DGP), said a further 25 foreigners have been ‘black-listed’ and 3 deported, most as suspected drugs traffickers, the Goa Herald reported.


“We have information that Goa has become one of the transit points for soft

drugs like cannabis and hashish,” the DGP told the paper, “These mostly find way to European countries through charter flights taking off from the State,” he said.



Women in Asian Jails: (India: Daisy Angus: January 8, 2003 It is alleged that a British female undertrial, currently in Mumbai Central Prison (Arthur Road Jail), was repeatedly sexually abused by other women inmates and may have even contracted a Sexually Transmitted Disease — including HIV — due to the assaults . . .’) (Thailand: Holly Dean-Johns: ARRESTED:     September 2000 in Bangkok PRISON:     Bang Khen Womens Prison: sentence: 31 years . . .’) (Indonesia: Schapelle Corby)





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