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Guyliner Launched For ‘Edgy Punky’ Boys ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on July 17, 2006

UK chemists chain Superdrug launched a new male cosmetics range this week, offering up a new range of man-friendly kohl under the brand name of ‘Guyliner’.


"The use of guy-liner is a good indication of men becoming more interested in using beauty products and cosmetics, but in a very masculine way,” said Superdrug’s Beauty Director, Jeff Wemyss, “This isn't about perfect Sophia Loren style flicks, but a more edgy, punky look." (


Eyeliner obsessive/ techno type Ade Fenton, was unimpressed, however, telling Skrufff ‘I’ve never heard of guyliner, plus there's nothing wrong with Boots No.9. I still wear make-up a lot, it's not really a conscious thing but I still don't know what the big fucking deal is,” he snarled.


Fellow techno/ eyeliner type Dave Clarke told Skrufff he still uses Sisley (‘you can leave it on for days, no problem, though I always use good remover too’) though added he continues to attract unusual reactions from a number of narrow-minded fans.


“Some become quite homophobic which I find strange as I have never been up until now that way inclined; I think it’s indicative of their insecurities,” said Dave.


“Women seem to like it too and almost appreciate the fact you’ve made an effort.”


Ade wholeheartedly agreed, saying ‘girls love guys in make-up, go figure’ though also revealed it continues to provoke hostile reactions from time to time.


“Of course it does, sure, "Are you gay?" being the most obvious one; there are still some really small-minded people out there” said Ade.


“I was in Camden the other week and even though I was with my girlfriend, and even though it was there, of all places, some cunt still felt he had the right to attempt (and fail) to intimidate me with his Neanderthal comments. What a prick,” he laughed.


Superdrug’s man make-up arrived on the market as a new study by psychologists revealed that women nowadays view men who cry positively as long as they do it in a minimal essentially manly manner.


“We have found that the right way to cry is to show you have a strong feeling, but with a moist eye and single tear,” study chief Professor Stephanie Shields told the Independent, “Outright crying is typically more negatively evaluated than the moist eye which shows the intensity of tears but also shows you are in control of yourself.”


Gary Numan's new single 'In A Dark Place' (produced by Ade) is released on July 17th with an alternative mix of the track available exclusively on iTunes.



Men In Make-Up Links: (Dave Clarke) (Ade Fenton) (Guyliner definitions: ‘Eyeliner for guys, no longer only for homosexuals, which is becoming surprisingly popular in today's society . . .’)


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