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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on July 17, 2006

Dancing Sin: Not So Raving Mad: Pot Luck: Burst Bling: Hip Hop (Don’t Stop)


"I continue to believe social dancing is an expressive activity and should have New York State constitutional protection. “ (Village Voice)


Civil liberties lawyer Norman Siegel confirms he’s to appeal again against New York’s still enforced anti-dancing laws.




“I would phone clubs pretending to be from another club raving about this newcomer Fergie. It slowly worked.” (Mirror)


Radio 1 star DJ Fergie reveals how he first developed his career after being talent spotted by Tony De Vit.




"The interesting thing is that there are fewer young people smoking marijuana now, it's an older cohort. In fact, the main cohort is the 30 to 39-year-olds ... the dominant ones, who I think escaped that sort of era of being concerned about it." (Network Ten on Sunday)


Ex Australian minister John Herron suggests young people are being successfully frightened off using pot, after a new study shows that marijuana use is highest amongst 30-somethings.




“Fashions and sales start with bad boys, not in the white suburbs. Companies like Roederer need Jay-Z more than he needs them if they want to reach the young and affluent.” (Sunday Times)


US brand expert Laura Rites suggests Cristal champagne manufacturers Louis Roederer may have blundered in alienating Jay Z.




"Not many people understand how important having a butler is. I need somebody to help me get everything I'm going to wear for the day all set up, know what I'm saying? You'd think it is easy, but I've got a lot to put together, accessory-wise, especially at night."



Rap impresario Damon Dash complains that there’s not enough money in hip hop to leave properly.


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