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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on July 24, 2006

1: Kelis: Bossy


“That’s right, I switched up the beat of the drum”, Kelis chants at the beginning of Switch’s switched up version of her new single of Bossy, which is the best mix of what’s a sure to be massive crossover smash hit.

Highly reminiscent of Milkshake, Bossy is an instantly accessible, pop, R&B electro mash-up, built around a thumping drum beat and 808, topped off with Kelis’ instantly recognisable rap vocal. Additional remixes from Alan Braxe and Fred Falke cover the housier bases though it’s Switch’s that does the damage. A guaranteed floor-filler for all.


2: Revl9n: Someone Like You (Freeform Five/ Mstrkrft mixes)


Revl9n’s Le Tigre-style electro-rock anthem Someone Like You has been floating around for a while though looks certain to blow up imminently, courtesy of Freeform Five’s latest magnificient remix, which tweaks the original to essentially making it DJ friendly (ie slower, with layered intros and outros.

Wily marketing types at Because have also just sent out additional DJ-only remixes labelled, Revl9n Vs Mstrkrft, in which Mstrkrft take the original squarely into electro-disco territory, with equally impressive results. Release date (of the main track, which includes more mixes from Spin & Closer and Freaks) is August 14.

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