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Trannies Terrorise New Orleans ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on July 24, 2006

New Orleans designer shops have launched a ‘Drag Queen Alert List’ to protect themselves against a gang of ‘very skinny, very flamboyant’ transvestites who recently launched a wave of smash and grab robberies on shops in the Magazine Street area of the city.

The wily cross-dressers have been descending on fashion boutiques in packs, stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothes from stores including Dark Charm and Vegas, said local newspaper New Orleans City Business.

“They’re fearless,” Vegas shop assistant Eric Ogle told the paper, “Once they see something they like they won’t stop until they have it. They don’t care, they’ll go to jail.”

Dark Charm owner Robyn Lewis was equally alarmed explaining that the wigged up six-foot plus black men can also be violent when disturbed.

“They’re kind of confused because they think they’re women so they don’t mind hitting women, but they’re dudes,” she said, “If you get hit by one it’s like getting hit by a dude.”

The American drag queens’ tactics differed markedly from those used by ladyboy robbers in Thailand, three of whom last year admitted slipping sedatives to a 73 year old Bangladeshi businessman as they snogged him before stealing his laptop and mobile phone from his Bangkok apartment.

"Don't rush to kiss a stranger on the mouth, " a police lieutenant colonel advised farangs, "Or you will end up in a deep sleep." (AP)

The most notorious transvestite criminal of recent years was bleached-blond, black transvestite, Thierry Paulin, better known as the ‘Monster of Monmartre’, who between 1984 to 1987 murdered 21 elderly ladies in the area.

The Guyana native followed his victims home and burst into their houses as they opened their doors, torturing many before killing them and robbing their houses. He was caught in 1987 and died of AIDS before coming to trial.

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