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Skruff Bites (2) ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on July 24, 2006


: Skrufff Bites (2)


Lost Love: Beer-Boys: Don’t Have Nightmares: Party Monster Fears 2: Primal Fear: Unsafe Sex

"Now it's about the sponsor, and all the sponsor wants to do is strengthen its brand. For me it's about the authentic line-up, all the presentation, modern culture, the whole spectrum of electronic dance. That was my belief and remains so, so I'm no longer taking part." (Der Spiegel)

Love Parade founder Dr Motte explains why he refused to take part in last weekend’s Love Parade in Berlin.


“These findings reveal that a significant number of men are clearly investing time and money on cultivating their guts. While it is fine for everyone to enjoy a drink and snack in moderation, my concern is that men are not realising the long-term implications for their health that storing excessive fat around the belly can have.” (BBC)

Dr Chris Dark comments on research showing that the typical (male) Brit spends £1,144 per year on beer and post drink snacks.


"Historically, we have never been meant to sleep in the same bed as each other. It is a bizarre thing to do. Sleep is the most selfish thing you can do and it's vital for good physical and mental health. Sharing the bed space with someone who is making noises and who you have to fight with for the duvet is not sensible.” (BBC)

University of Surrey sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley comments on new research showing that men who sleep with someone else, temporarily diminish their brain power.


"We went to the beach, and there were tons of jellyfish. Even the sea was dangerous!"  (Ireland Online)

Party Monster Michael Alig-film star Macauley Culkin warns an air steward of another unseen danger facing tourists in Haifa, Israel, after he cut his vacation in Israel short and flees.


"He looked like he had taken one hell of a beating. Everyone was amazed he even turned up. It's not easy to hold a note when your nose is broken." (The Sun)

A Top Of The Pops’ ‘source’ chats to the Sun about Primal Scream singer Bobbie Gillespie’s decision to appear on the show just a day after he was savagely beaten in a random attack in a hotel bar in Madrid.


“They start rolling on the condom, realise it’s inside out and isn’t going on properly- so they take it off and put it on the other way. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You might have got sperm on the outside of it, silly.” (Guardian)

The Family Planning Association warn ‘don’t re-use a condom if you start putting it on wrongly.


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