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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on July 24, 2006


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Small Acorns: Redemption Song:  Ibiza On the Rocks: Hacked Off: Electrocash

"Look, not everyone is going to like the record, are they? That's understandable. You have a lot of purists that don't want you to mix guitars with electronic music, but I don't care, really. Dance purists don't like anything that's slightly commercial, or anything that's away from the norm, and this is.” (San Bernadino County Sun)

Paul Oakenfold defends his new album A Lively Mind.


“So much guys have so much- too much- while so many have nothing at all. We don’t feel like it is right, because it don’t take a guy a hundred million dollars to keep him satisfied. Everybody have to live. You have to share. I don’t care if it sounds political or whatever it is, but people have to share.” (Observer)

Bob Marley, speaking out against greed in 1976.


“One minute I was with Puff Daddy, the next I was crying by the roadside, hitching lifts. Then I went to chill in Fomentera, it was the end of the season so it was deserted. I just fell through the earth right into the gulley of the universe. I have never been as low. With that kind of hedonism, you need to be with people who love you; without that you’re lost.” (Sunday Times)

Ex Moloko singer Roisin Murphy recalls the moment she decided never to return to Ibiza.


“In the beginning it was interesting and new and suddenly you had people dressed up in parties, which looked nice after 10 years of bald techno guys sweating. But quickly the fashion aspect became more important than the music.” (One Week To Live)

Michel ‘The Hacker’ Amato admits feeling ambiguous about electroclash’s fashion


“They might say its “dance” or it’s “electro” but it’s just what I like! It started off as a busman’s holiday this time around, but it’s become something on which I’ve found myself. I was just doing my YTS (youth training scheme) up till now.” (EMI press release)



Robbie Williams goes electroclash.


Jonty Skrufff (