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Metrosexual Mohawks’ Prehistoric Past ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 7, 2006

Irish conservationists revealed this week that one of the Iron Age ‘bogmen’ whose body was discovered recently in Ireland’s peat bogs had manicured nails, while another wore his hair in a punk rock style Mohican, held up with imported hair gel from France or Spain

“Although they were living in a different time, a different culture, eating different things, living in a different way, people are people,” said Rolly Read, a conservation expert from the National Museum of Ireland, “They're the same in their thinking.” (BBC)

The revelation coincided with the launch of L’Oreal’s first foundation product for men- Hydra Energetic moisturiser- with a hint of self tan’- which the Guardian instead preferred to call ‘tinted moisturiser’. The paper also highlighted the fact L’Oreal are marketing the product with almost identical adverts in gay and straight magazines and warned of a future of ‘faceless hermaphrodites smeared from head to toe in self-tan’.

“Over the past four or five years we’ve seen loads of mainstream brands running the same ads in Attitude as they run in hetero magazines,” Attitude ad manager Andy Goddard told the paper, “It doesn’t put off either gay or straight men because their lifestyles are increasingly similar.” (Mohawk pictures)


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