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Tony Blair’s Drag Queen Declaration ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 7, 2006

Tony Blair made an illuminating speech this week at a conference for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in which the British Prime Minister used curiously ambiguous language to describe contemporary Western politics.

“Cross-dressing is rampant,” Blair declared, “And a feature of modern politics that will stay.”

The British leader’s metrosexual inclinations attracted attention last year when it was revealed his annual make-up bill for cosmetics was twice that of the average woman, prompting the Sunday Times fashion editor to label him ‘the Tom Cruise of politics’.

“Blair can look pasty and knackered, so he’d need fake tan, a bit of blusher, lots of hair gel and some foundation,” she said of his cosmetically enhanced TV appearances, “Maybe he might use a bit of lip gloss,” she suggested.

The PM’s continuing flirtation with gender-bending references could even be a clever ploy to tap into the popular British habit of dressing up in drag at fancy dress parties which the Sunday Times also reported last year was much more significant than appearances might suggest.

"I'm amazed by the number of men who like going to parties dressed as women,” top psychologist Ros Taylor told the newspaper, “They can be a transvestite in public and the next day wash the slate clean. It's a risk-free way of being someone you secretly want to be," she explained.,,19809-1556032,00.html (‘Tony Blair: 1. His nickname at Fettes College, Edinburgh, was Miranda because of his fresh face and long hair . . . 7. He was once summoned to see the Dean of St John’s College to answer the charge that a woman had visited his room outside permitted hours. A lipstick had been found in Blair’s room. “Oh, that’s mine,” he replied . . .’)


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