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Less Sex Please, We’re English, Italian & South Korean . . . ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 14, 2006

A new worldwide study of sexual habits carried out by Viagra producer Pfizer has revealed that the average person has sex just 77.76 times a year compared to condom manufacturer Durex’ recent poll which suggested in June that the global average is 103 times. Pfizer’s study of 12,500 people said Brazilians have the most sex (94.8 times a year) with Hong Kong residents managing the least (42.6) while Italians came second from bottom in the rankings of how much sexual satisfaction they achieve.

The new study coincided with another in-depth sex report published by the Men’s Health Forum, which reported this week that millions of British men are rejecting sex as a result of stress and depression. Men’s Health Forum chief Peter King said dysfunctional Brits are struggling to reconcile coping with stereotypical expectations of being macho and strong, with one in five ‘bottling up problems’ (Leisure & Lifestyle Channel). "Compared with women, men are also twice as likely to resort to illegal drugs to cope with the effects of mental illness,” he added, “While one in ten rely on pornography or extra marital sex to cope with the problem."

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