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Shrinking Dick Disease Terror Threat Remains ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 21, 2006

A horrific tropical illness previously linked to Osama Bin Laden known as ‘Shrinking Penis Disease’ could re-emerge in the West at any time, Australian newspaper the Age warned this week.

The potentially fatal condition, which causes victim’s penis to shrivel away entirely, was first identified in Indonesia in 1895, is thought to be psychosomatic, said medical anthropologist Dr David Mitchell, making its current threat potentially enormous.

"The curious thing about our society, most of the time we pretend that the penis doesn't shrink," Dr Mitchell told the Age,  “The trouble is, if you get anxious, it only makes it smaller, to the point where it can disappear … in cases where anxiety spirals into a panic attack."

His warning emerged just over two years after America’s Centre for Disease Controls (CDC) speculated that Osama Bin Laden might have unleashed a mystery virus to cause the condition, after an outbreak in the States, left hundreds of American men mysteriously emasculated.

"We're seeing men lose up to 50 percent of their length and girth over a period of just a few weeks," a CDC spokesman said in November 2004, “We're talking about a devastating decline in masculinity that could affect self-esteem or even drive a man to suicide." (World Weekly News)

Dr Mitchell, however, said the last serious outbreak occurred in Singapore in 1962, when rumours circulated that eating infected pork caused the disease though stressed there’s no room for complacency.

"It could come back again in our society if someone spread the right stories around," he warned.

His comments emerged just months after top US zoologist Louis Guillette called for a pesticide ban after documenting significant penis size reductions amongst children in America.

The expert studied reproductive systems in both humans and animals for ten years and in a number of lectures delivered at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, said he’d discovered a significant correlation between shrinkage and pesticide pollution.

"This is important because it is not just an alligator story,” he said, “It is not just a lake story. We know there has been a dramatic increase in penile and genital abnormalities in baby boys.” London Free Press). (Shrinking penis disease: ‘Modern psychiatric texts list koro as the name of a condition in which the patient believes his penis is shrinking and that when it disappears he will die. The first cases were described in Indonesia between 1895 and 1935 . . .’)


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