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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 21, 2006

“In a survey of 500 Edinburgh students, 36% said they had taken ecstasy and of those, 75% considered ecstasy a 'positive force' on their lives.” (Guardian)

The Guardian highlight a 2005 survey showing MDMA’s acceptance by large sections of Britain’s educated elite.


“I have been focusing on settling back in to Australian life and an also working full-time again- something I hadn’t done for almost 3 years, so you can imagine it took some getting used to. So the studio work has been put on hold for the time being.” (3D World)

Hard dance queen Tara Reynolds admits resettling in Australia after ten years in the UK means she’s been forced to make some compromises.


“We have heard a lot about the emergence of the metrosexual man. It is now officially cool for men to use wax strips, face masks, cleansers, scrubbers and balms etc.” (Guardian)

Tesco/ Walmart spokesman Ro Sakhuja says metrosexuals are here to stay after sales of men’s moisturisers and cleansers in the UK increased by 27% last year.


“’Jump Around’ is the ultimate ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card if things aren’t going well. It’s the only record I’ve ever played in my DJ career where I’ve seen 5,000 people jump at once.” (Mixmag)

Good Times/ Notting Hill Carnival king Norman Jay reveals his all time top tune.


"Reciprocal gift-giving is the most effective means of preventing aggression between nations, tribes and individuals. In the British pub, it is essential. This is because the British male is frightened of intimacy, finds it difficult to express friendly interest in other males and can be somewhat aggressive.”  (Guide to British Pub Etiquette)

Emotionally repressed Brit blokes buy rounds to stop fighting each other, says a new guide on drinking in Britain.


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