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Neanderthal Humans Can’t Help It ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 29, 2006

People of European descent may be 5% Neanderthal, according to a new study of ancient human DNA, published this week by scientists from the University of Southern California.  The study could shed light on metrosexual haters such as one who threatened techno star Ade Fenton recently when the kohl loving Brit strolled through North London recently.

“There are some still some really small minded people out there,” Ade told Skrufff in May, “I was in Camden the other week and even there of all places, and even though I was with my girlfriend, some cunt still felt he had the right to attempt- and fail- to intimidate me with his Neanderthal comments. What a prick,” Ade laughed.

80s gender bender icon Tasty Tim also touched on the topic in a chat with Skrufff several years ago when he compared street hassle in the 80s with today.

“I never had any hassle back then I don’t think the ‘general public’ were as clued up,” said Tasty,

“Nowadays everyone’s been fed a diet of Jerry Springer and Rickki and suddenly everyone’s the expert on everything, whether it’s transsexuals, transgenders, the drags or the fags. Too much information in the wrong Neanderthal hands is a dangerous thing,” he added. (‘Matriarchal societies is a prime indicator of Neanderthal genes. These cluster to Europe, Near East and the Arctic, and usually disappear with agriculture . . .’)


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